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Public Forum: CIVIC SALON Lifting the Lamp

Sunday, May 20 at 12pm

Joe's Pub

Free for all. Reservations are open.

For our final spring CIVIC SALON, we’re expanding the notion of civic engagement into the global context. What responsibility do we have to our global neighbors, especially those displaced from their own lands? How can we be better global citizens? Noted humanitarian and global strategist Ravi Gurumurthy, Chief Innovation Officer for the International Rescue Committee, will deliver the keynote. CIVIC SALON: Lifting the Lamp will also feature poetry from Jessica Hagedorn and music from Dani Lencioni along with selected readings from our community.

In a climate of divisiveness and seclusion, Public Forum is opening its doors to invite audiences to join us every month for CIVIC SALONS: a monthly brunchtime gathering where we can come together in the spirit of community to nurture our minds and our bodies. Each month will feature a different theme and different participants who will bring readings, songs, and a keynote address – all chosen in the hopes of inspiring civic engagement and social change.

The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation provides lead support for The Public's access and engagement programming.

Public Forum: CIVIC SALON
Lifting the Lamp
Sunday, May 20 at 12pm

Here are links to content from this month's Public Forum: CIVIC SALON.

Hear more from our keynote speaker, Ravi Gurumurthy, on the IRC's podcast Displaced
Read the poem Jessica Hagedorn shared: Wisalawa Szymborska's "Some People"
Dani Lencioni performs with band Evelyn - check out their latest EP, Slowly

Four Civic Readings

  • An excerpt of Shakespeare's “Hand D” monologue from Sir Thomas More
  • An excerpt from Thomas Paine's Rights of Man
  • An excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's speech to the UN on World Humanitarian Day 2016
  • An excerpt of Albert Einstein's letter to Eleanor Roosevelt that spurred the creation of the IRC