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Justin Sayre Makes The Case For America: A Love-In To Get You Through

Joe's Pub

September 29 and 30

Ticket Price: $25.00

September 29: Doors at 6PM. Show at 7PM
September 30: Doors at 9PM. Show at 9:30PM

Are you worried about the impending demise of our democracy? Has the approach of a fascist dictatorship got you feeling a little blue? Are you seething with anger as you’re being “gaslighted,” out of a future?  Well not to worry, (still worry), but join Justin Elizabeth Sayre for a live "Love-in to Get You Through!” September 29 & 30 at Joe’s Pub.

Justin invites you to ‘his apartment’ for one of his “philosophizing nights,” a ritual where Justin asks the big questions. Why are we here? What are we doing? The night involves lots of stories and all the feelings and even a little fried chicken. The question for this show, what does it mean to be an American at this moment and how do we move forward?

Justin is creating a safe space to process, to commune and to laugh.

In the words of Allen Ginsberg, “American, I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.”

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