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Justin Sayre: Ravenswood Manor - The Box Set

Joe's Pub

September 29 and 30, November 17 and 18

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Episodes 1 through 3 on November 17
Episodes 4 through 6 on November 18

Murder! Mayhem! Ravenswood Manor is the Camp/Horror/Soap Opera you've been waiting for! Set in a small New England town in 1979, Ravenswood Manor follows the misadventures of the two remaining Ravenswood heirs, Sheridan, the shy and off-putting shut-in still haunted by the death of his mother, and Bettina Doors, the Hollywood icon returning home after her mysterious exodus from Hollywood. This smalltown's got a secret, more than one, and all will be revealed as the episodes continue.

Starring: Justin Sayre, Jenn Harris, Jeff Hiller, Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson, Nathan Lee Graham, Madeleine Bourgeois and many more! 

Directed by Ellie Heyman
Musical by Henry Koperski