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RECLAIMING OUR TIME: Songs From MTF’s POC Roundtable

Joe's Pub

May 20

~90 Minutes

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7PM

Straight from Musical Theatre Factory's People of Color Representation Roundtable, moderated by Natasha Sinha and Ianne Fields Stewart, join us for our annual night of your soon-to-be-favorite new musical theatre songs by and for people of color! These electrifying, witty, powerful, complex and poignant songs explore a range of stories told by the ones who are meant to tell it-- songs about matters pertaining to race and just plain ol' humanity! Get your tickets now for a night of necessary voices that promises to be as memorable as last year's and the year before.

Reclaiming Our Time will be hosted by Sasha Diamond, directed by Arpita Mukherjee and features work from Tidtaya Sinutoke & Isabella Dawis; Keurim Hur & Jacob Fjeldheim; Erika Ji; Rianjali Bhowmick; Sheng Lei, AriDy Nox & Megan Petersen; Adrianna Mateo; November Christine; Kim Jinhyoung & Marcus Perkins; Gregory Van Acker; Amara Brady; Robert Lee Poole III and Michael R. Jackson. 

Performances by Iris Beaumier, Amara J. Brady, Rianjali Bhowmick, Sommer Carbuccia, Christin Eve Cato, Leo Yu-Ning Chang, Ya Han Chang, Kimberly Chatterjee, Karl Josef Co, Zahaira Curiel, Francesca Dawis, Isabella Dawis, Johann George, Morgan Siobhan Green, Kennedy Kanagawa, Nic Ryan Lowe, Adrianna Mateo, Junior Mendez, William Mulligan, Cheeyang Ng, Kim Onah, Michael Protacio, Rini Raghavan, Rafa Reyes, Gerardo Vallejo, Jamari Williams, Michael Wingate, and Mandarin Wu!

Musical Theatre Factory (MTF) centers musical theatre makers of excellence who exist in the intersections of underrepresented groups while providing all access programming and support for musical theatre makers to collaborate and grow together. In 5 years, MTF has been part of the development lifecycle for 130+ new musical theatre works with more than 900 volunteers amassing over 15,000 combined service hours.

Founding Artistic Director Shakina Nayfack launched Musical Theatre Factory Inc (MTF) in January 2014 as a collective for early-career musical theatre makers interested in changing the way new musicals are developed in New York City. Through a series of community brainstorms, MTF developed a series of unique programs known today as the Assembly Line; a process that includes readings, concerts, workshops, and public performances – all at no cost to the artists. With an 18-month gift of subsidized space, founding MTF artists built a 780 square-foot black box theater in the heart of midtown Manhattan., opening its doors to the public on May 31, 2014.