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Blood Play

Wednesday, January 9 - Sunday, January 20

The Public Theater

Under the Radar 2013

Photo Credit: Sue Kessler

In the tranquil Chicago suburbs in the early 1950's, the kids are away camping with their Jr. Cherokee's Troop, and a string of coincidences yields a spontaneous grown-up party. In the basement of a brand-new ranch house, exotic cocktails like "Rapupu Sours" are sampled, games like "Bee Pee Bo" are played and new friends like Jeep, the door-to-door photographer, are made. But things are happening that no one is talking about and something is stirring underground. A darkly comic thriller of post-war verve and pre-adolescent disquiet.

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Blood Play
The Debate Society
Written by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen
Directed and Developed by Oliver Butler