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Rude Mechs (USA)



Friday, January 4 - Sunday, January 13

Running Time: 60 Minutes 

Members and Partners: $25
Full: $30 + fees

There will be no late seating. 

Photo by: Thomas O. Kriegsmann

A secret performance. A one-man show. The story of a 12-year old boy who tries to set the record for leaving school the most days with a fever and in the process falls in love with the school nurse and breaks his heart on the punk rock. You must promise never to speak about what you witnessed or else you'll get kicked out. 

Kirk Lynn is a novelist and playwright living in Austin, TX. Kirk is one of five artistic directors of the Rude Mechs theatre collective. With the Rudes, Kirk has written and adapted many plays, including Lipstick Traces, Method Gun, and Not Every Mountain, which premiered in 2018 at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. 

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Created by Rude Mechs 
Written and Performed by Kirk Lynn
Directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw 

Produced in association with Arktype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann