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British Dependency ft. DJ Henri

Joe's Pub

August 6

Doors at 11:30PM
Show at Midnight
*DJ Henri will be sprinning before and after the show*

How does so much sound come from 3 musicians?  Those who know live music are often left with that question after experiencing a live British Dependency performance.

From Anguilla and maximizing their Caribbean roots, this balanced trio of drums, bass and guitar come together smoothly and then move you with lyrical overlay of words of wisdom, curiosity, life and love and a sound that is not easily categorized.

Their sound reverberates up from the root, grooving, catching, moving body and mind in to a sometimes gentle, sometimes funky, sometimes rock & roll and sometimes reggae, bluesy soulful zone.  From powerful songs like "One" to the velvety "Close Your Eyes", their eclectic approach and sound pleases fans of a variety of established genres.  It also pleases the band, as they're true to their heart and craft.   Their presence is felt.

The robust guitarist with an effortless voice, Ishmael Levi.  Ish is a multifaceted musician who strongly believes in the power of live music.    Look for the reward of getting lost in his ease and vibe.

The bassist and only female of the group is the exuberant Joyah, who will impress you with her ability to sing, play bass and be moved by the music, collectively.  Watch closely, her unique presence personifies freedom.

The entertainer on the drums is the subtly magnetic, Jaiden Fleming who is motivated by hard work and it shows when he plays.  He could be a one-man-show yet he exercises self-control in rooting this trio of compatible talent.  Be on the lookout for his solo. 

Pat McKay, Program Director at Sirius XM Radio has said of British Dependency, "It's exciting to get to know the group who at this point in their growth already have much of the tangible - they make original music - and intangible factors - multiple-creative-skills, looks, intellect - separating them from the pack."  "I feel very hopeful this group represents where the music is heading, so get on board!"

The band lives by the mantra, "Creating music that reflects originality, talent, togetherness, bravery and wisdom. Our Music, Our Future, Our Independence." And with that they continue to push boundaries and open new roads of empowerment and forward-thinking while gaining new fans and friends around the world.  One love.

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