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Ruth B: Showcase

Joe's Pub

May 2

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7:30PM

So much has happened so quickly for 20 year old Canadian singer /songwriter Ruth B. You might think her beautifully rendered viral hit “Lost Boy” has transferred its notions of ‘arrival’ to her own personal story, but it’s the song that takes flight under Ruth’s stunning vocal command.  Blessed with keen songwriting instincts and intimate phrasing, there’s a touching heartache to the artist’s delivery that brings authenticity to every whispery verse.   

Despite her strength for piano-tinged ballads, Ruth’s music is never subdued.   She elicits an enlivened narrative on “Lost Boy” that glides over her striking piano accompaniment and the trill of her mesmerizing vocals.  Ruth also recorded a host of other songs she wrote in a burst of creativity after “Lost Boy” caught the attention of viral music fans.  Lyrics tumble out with amazing profundity on the radiant gem “Golden,” a grateful confessional that captures her hypnotic delivery and sparingly delivered arrangement, as does the sultry tremble of “Dandelions” - also tenderly crafted;  And then there’s the uplifting cascade of “Young,” a gentle, tumbling anthem of hope that is sure to inspire the Vine generation that embraced her; All effortless story-songs that place her in the company of a prescient lineage of evocative female singer/songwriters such as Janis Ian, Norah Jones, and Sarah Bareilles; Artists who grasped early on in their careers how the power of understatement can translate into sublime emotional richness for the listener. 

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