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Joe's Pub

April 2

Doors at 6:00PM
Show at 7:00PM

Söndörgő (pronounced shoendoergoe) is one of the most active and interesting world music groups in Hungary. The group was founded in 1995 in Szentendre a small Hungarian town near Budapest, with a long-established Serbian tradition. Söndörgő’s style of music is quite different from the traditional, fiddle-led hungarian repertoire. In contrast to most Balkan music, Söndörgő’s playing is not brass band music: they are a tamburitza band. The tambura is a small and agile plucked instrument similar to the mandolin, occasionally supplemented by wind instruments and accordion. Söndörgő’s traditional repertoire is made up of material gathered by Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics as well as learned from old masters of the tradition.

Söndörgő’s aim is to foster and preserve the Southern Slavic traditions of the Serbs and Croats as found in various settlements in Hungary. Söndörgő’s mission is to research it, arrange it and perform it on stage. The current members of the group are: Áron Eredics, Benjamin Eredics, Dávid Eredics, Salamon Eredics and Attila Buzás.

Discover with them the delicate beauty and fizzing power of a different Balkan sound. Come and dance the čoček, drink a palinka and get dizzy on Söndörgő’s extraordinary rhythms!

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