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Starsky + Cox: The Twelve Signs of Christmas

Joe's Pub

December 20

Doors at 6PM
Show at 7PM

The original magi of mysticore, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, present a simply magical program of inspirational words and seasonal music by songwriters born under each of the twelve astrological signs. As the tunes do the talking, Starsky + Cox illustrate how none of us can escape our archetype—that we are all born under wondrous stars that delineate our individual natures and direct us toward our own divine dates with destiny. Musical director Matt Ray helms the baby grand with Claudia Chopek on violin, Danton Boller on bass and Patrick Johnson on percussion and vocals. Special guests to be announced.

To receive a cosmically tailored Christmas present from Starsky + Cox , send your name and birth date, time and place, plus your show seat number to

“A word of mouth phenomenon, a rare find” -Time  
“Brilliant and sexy” -Vogue
“The favored astrologers of fashion insiders” -Elle 
“Sizzling zodiac guides” -CNN
“Starsky + Cox will inspire a whole new generation” -The New York Observer
"Starsky + Cox’s popularity with the hipperati has made them household names” -Marie Claire
“Wonderfully Dirty” -O, The Oprah Magazine
"Serious metaphysicians who happen also to be quite funny"The Boston Globe
“Psychics to the Stars” -Vanity Fair 

    Recurring guests Starsky + Cox with Chelsea Handler on