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Tina Dico

Joe's Pub

May 27

Doors at 6:00PM & 11:00PM
Tina Dico at 7PM & 11:30PM

In a career that’s taken her to the top of the album charts five times in her native Denmark, to collaborations with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra; pushed her further afield to London and work with Zero 7, and to Iceland where she now resides; Tina Dico has never forgotten her folk roots. Her ninth album Whispers departs from the grandeur of her Orchestra collaborations and eschews previous dalliances into more electronic terrain, to get to the core of her song writing. “A singer with a guitar - that was always my inspiration” she says. “The intimacy, the storytelling, the weight, the absence of attitude and fancy staging of the performer and the music. There’s nothing to hide behind. Just a human being and a song.”

However, the 36 year-old has never been one to settle into a comfort zone; even before In The Red cemented a stunning breakthrough, Dico had travelled to England and lived in London in order to broaden her personal and creative horizons. It was here that Notes was conceived, written near London’s Brick Lane and focusing on the loneliness of being in a new country; however Dico did find friends in ambient electronica veterans Zero 7. Collaborating with the group on tracks ‘Home’ and ‘The Space Between’, her union with the duo led to more than a 100 dates worldwide, including an appearance at the grandfather of British festivals, Glastonbury.

He 2014 release, ‘Whispers’ emerged from Dico’s work on the Pernille Fischer Christensen film, En du elsker – with five songs from the soundtrack going onto provide the skeleton of this record. Pouring herself fully into the male character she was writing for, Dico found herself free of the doubts that come when a songwriter as open-hearted as the Scandinavian puts pen to paper – Is this really who I am? Is this really the truth? “There was a total liberty in it” she says “I was still writing from my heart; but I was free of the vanity and self-censorship that sometimes gets in the way when I'm writing about my own life.”

For Dico it all comes back to re-connection with her beginnings as a songwriter; doing so by stripping away the layers and leaving a process that remains pure and true to herself. “It’s been that way for my whole career,” she says. “Simplifying my writing. Simplifying my life and my thinking in an attempt to be able to live in the moment. You get in the studio and you have all these toys around you and you get all these ideas... it's hard to keep it simple! But I’m getting closer to it I think.”

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