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Joe's Pub

January 14

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Ayo’s a warrior… although that’s hard to believe when you see her, so beautiful and frail with her guitar slung across her shoulder. Yet she spends all her time on the road, on stage or in the studio, living the life of a true artist – one who isn’t just playing at being a star, but loves music more than anything in the world. “I never really work on an album. I write songs all the time until, at some point, I realize I have enough material for an album. Then I go into the studio. For the last ten years, I’ve been on the road, traveling and making no distinction between my music and the rest of my life. I just can’t do it. Maybe pop artists can separate performing from their private lives, but I can’t. Playing guitar and singing come naturally to me.”

After selling one and a half million records in 40 countries, Ayo again turned to the producer of her first album, Jay Newland, to make her latest: Ticket To The World. Recorded live, its prolific collection of sixteen songs breathes sincerity and elegance. Beginning with the cover photo, taken (like all the liner photos) at the huge Château Rouge African market in the heart of Paris: style in the ghetto. Turning to the music, with the very first notes of “Fire” with its whiff of folk-rock insurrection, the stage is set. This a revolution in a velvet glove, inspired by passion and powerful emotions. “For me, it’s all about the soul. I wrote “Fire” during my last stay in New York, just when the riots were beginning in London, not too long before the Olympic Games. Everything was changing… and not necessarily for the better. Music isn’t just about entertainment, it can also be a weapon to fight injustice. Used the right way, music can spark revolution.”