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The Elementary Spacetime Show: a new musical by César Alvarez

April 12

Joe's Pub

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

The Elementary Spacetime Show
a new musical by César Alvarez

After attempting suicide, a teenager named Alameda finds herself trapped in a cosmic vaudevillian game show that she must win in order to finally enter the void. By confronting avatars of scientific truth, ostentatious musical numbers and inappropriate dance sequences, Alameda acquaints herself with the enigmatic laws of the universe. A story of how a hard shell of hopelessness might be cracked open by awe. This concert reading of a new musical by César Alvarez comes on the heels of a sold out run of his critically acclaimed show, Futurity.


César Alvarez, Salty Brine, Eisa DavisFred Epstein, Andrew Hoepfner, Eric Farber,  Andrew Farmer, Stephanie Hsu, Jenn Kidwell, Ian LassiterJulia Louis, Claire Rothrock, and Storm Thomas

Director: Andrew Neisler
Music Director: César Alvarez
Stage Manager: Kristy Bodall
Assistant Director: Christina Franklin
Assistant Music Director: Arif Silverman
Assistant Stage Manager: Charlie Murray