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Brave New Shakespeare Challenge - A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM
Brave New Shakespeare Challenge - A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM with The 52nd Street Project

Brave New Shakespeare 2.0


This fall, the Public Shakespeare Initiative is proud to have the extraordinary artists Danaya Esperanza and Alexandria Wailes as Guest Curators for all of our Brave New Shakespeare releases.

This week’s release is our third in this new format, curated by the fabulous Danaya Esperanza and featuring four young members of our great friend The 52nd Street Project. Danaya has gathered an astonishing group of artists to work their magic with the mercurial, mysterious, and transfiguring language of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Enjoy! And we hope you'll be inspired to create your own in whatever way you want -- post it on social media and add #bravenewshakespeare so we can find you!

Artistic Statement from Guest Curator Danaya Esperanza.

“We’ve never lived in a world of only cis white men. Shakespeare was queer and, though flawed, he wrote BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ characters in his plays. We’re bringing him out of the closet! These artists reflect the world as it is: of color, queer, Deaf, beautiful, complex. Watch as “the seasons alter,” as parent turns against child, lover against lover – and ask yourself, shouldn't we all remove the juice of greed and deception from our eyes?

“This week, we add the play’s lovers to the mix, as they try to navigate a world they were handed, not one they chose. In our world as in theirs, the lines between "hate . . . and love," friend and foe, enemy and lover blur. The young lovers are played by members of The 52nd Street Project. These characters reflect the BIPOC, queer, beautiful, complex world in which we live.”

Danaya Esperanza is an artist based in New York. She's made a career in the Off-Broadway scene and The Public Theater has become a second home, where she has workshopped a number of plays, and performed in the recent award-winning production of For Colored Girls (Lady in Orange); The Mobile Unit's Twelfth Night (Viola), The Tempest (Ariel), and the upcoming Cymbeline (Imogen). Danaya is also a teaching artist and director and, after performing in a couple of them, is honored to be curating her first Brave New Shakespeare Challenge.


By William Shakespeare

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Long Form Script.

The Lovers scenes for the young people