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Supporting the Arts

Survey from Americans for the Arts.

This survey is designed to collect information about the financial and human impacts that the spread of the coronavirus have had on arts and cultural organizations and artists since that date. The survey also collects basic information about the participating organizations and artists so that the data can be parsed by specific geographic regions, artistic disciplines, and budget categories. Thank you in advance for spending five minutes to fill it out!


An Inventory of Lost And Delayed Art.

A living document created by Culturebot of works that have been closed, cancelled, suspended, or postponed due to COVID-19.


Census 2020.

The Census is a critical input from communities for big picture and long term planning. So much infrastructure and so many policies flow from census results. If you are a working artist please identify yourself as one.


Spotify, AppleMusic, ET AL: Support Touring Musicians NOW.

The current Covid-19 fears have made it impossible for musicians to support themselves through touring. MusiCares is the non-profit branch of the GRAMMY association, and has a system in place for providing financial relief to musicians after an unexpected loss of income.  However, the current demand on their resources is understandably overwhelming. The touring branch of the music industry call upon the streaming services, who are not being effected by this crisis, but who depend on these musicians for the profit of their companies, to take action at this time.