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Graphic, Public Square 2.0

S2 E3

Episode 3

Public Square - A Podcast of The Public Theater

Season 2 Episode 3

"The Harder They Come: A Radical Retelling”


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Perry Henzell’s breakthrough film THE HARDER THEY COME premiered in 1972, showing a side of Jamaican culture never seen before on the screen by Jamaicans or around the world. Over 50 years later, this groundbreaking film is a new musical adaptation with a book by Suzan-Lori Parks (Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, The Public’s Writer-in-Residence). This episode pulls apart the cultural nuances and underbelly of a culture not often examined in a theatrical setting. Join us as we dive deep into the history of the film in1970s Jamaica, as well as a look at what goes into adapting a film into a musical.  

Guests include:  

In alphabetical order…

Freedome Bradley-Ballentine, Associate Artistic Director / Director of Artistic Programs
Sandra Daley-Sharif, Cultural Ambassador
Kwame Dawes, Cultural Consultant
Camille Darby, Playwright and VP of Brand Marketing - Condé Nast
Sharon Gordon, Cultural Ambassador
Justine Henzell, Rights Holder and Daughter of Perry Henzell
Amrita Ramanan, Dramaturg and Director of New Work and Development
Kenny Seymour, Music Supervisor, Orchestrator and Arranger
Malika Lee Whitney, Cultural Ambassador

Hosted by Garlia Cornelia Jones, The Public’s new and first ever Director of Innovation and New Media, each full episode of Public Square 2.0, will continue to guide you through a behind the scenes look as we connect with artists and staff.  Welcome home to Public Square—we’re so happy to have you back!  

Executive Producer: Garlia Cornelia Jones, Director - Innovation and New Media
Creative Producer: John Sloan III, Ghostlight Productions
Story Editors: Garlia Cornelia Jones, John Sloan III
Audio Producer: Justin K. Sloan, Ghostlight Productions
Assistant Producer: Emily White - New Media Associate

Graphics by Tam Shell, Art Director - Brand Studio

Music Credits:

“Latte” By Sunny Fruit, Artlist.io
“Strip It Down” By Falconer, Artlist.io
“Beatrix” By Notize, Artlist.io
“Passionate Choices” By Mansij, Artlist.io
“Baby I’m Stuck In A Cone” By Ge Filter Fish, Artlist.io
“Shake It Around.” By Falconer, Artlist.io
“This Is The Life” By Yuval Maayan, Artlist.io
"Catch me” By Russo, Artlist.io

Rehearsal photos of The Harder They Come by Joan Marcus

Transcript by 3Play

Episode 3 Transcript

Timeline & Additional Dramaturgy


Image of Freedome Bradley-Ballentine

Freedome Bradley-Ballentine

Associate Artistic Director; Director of Artistic Programs

Image of Kwame Dawes

Kwame Dawes

Cultural Consultant

Image of Suzan-Lori Parks

Suzan-Lori Parks

Writer in Residence

Image of Amrita Ramanan

Amrita Ramanan

Production Dramaturg / Director of New Work

Image of Kenny Seymour

Kenny Seymour

Music Director, Orchestrator, Arranger

Image of Justine Henzell

Justine Henzell

Rights Holder

Image of Sharon Gordon

Sharon Gordon

Cultural Ambassador

Image of Sandra Daley-Sharif

Sandra Daley-Sharif

Cultural Ambassador

Image of Malika Lee Whitney

Malika Lee Whitney

Cultural Ambassador