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Graphic, Public Square 2.0

S2 E4

Public Square Episode 4

Public Square - A Podcast of The Public Theater

Season 2 Episode 4

"Abundance: Black History Month"

In our third consecutive episode of the month, we honor Black History Month with a look at the Unsung Stars of The Public Theater community. This episode had support from members of the Black History Month committee. This episode contains feature interviews with two Public Theater Unsung Stars, Costume Designer and Project Runway Alum, Emilio Sosa and Stage Manager, Professor, Facilitator and more, Narda E. Alcorn.  We touched on their careers and projects, how they came to their current professions and their hopes for the future of Black Theater.

Black History Month Planning Committee:
Carla Biagini
Kaleda Davis
Autumn Knight
Alverneq Lindsay
Asha Nelson-Williams
Brit Sellers
Nate Shelton
Valerie Simmons
Praycious Wilson-Gay  

Hosted by Garlia Cornelia Jones, The Public’s new and first ever Director of Innovation and New Media, each full episode of Public Square 2.0 will continue to guide you through a behind the scenes look as we connect with artists and staff.  Welcome home to Public Square—we’re so happy to have you back!  

Executive Producer: Garlia Cornelia Jones, Director - Innovation and New Media
Creative Producer: John Sloan III, Ghostlight Productions
Audio Producer: Justin K. Sloan, Ghostlight Productions
Assistant Producer: Emily White, New Media Associate

Graphics by Tam Shell, Art Director - Brand Studio

Photo Credits:
Public Theater building, photo by Aislinn Wiedele
Public Works’ As You Like It, photos by Joan Marcus
The Harder They Come, photo by Joan Marcus
Much Ado About Nothing, production photos by Joan Marcus
Much Ado About Nothing, opening night photo by Simon Luethi
Black History Month Staff Mixer 2019, photo by Garlia Cornelia Jones
A Raisin in the Sun, photo by Joan Marcus
for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf (2019), production photos by Joan Marcus
Merry Wives, photo by Joan Marcus
Additional event photos by imagesbyTANJA.com

Muisc Credits:
“Seeking The Stars” By Duce Williamas, Artlist.io
“Latte” By Sunny Fruit, Artlist.io
“Belong To You” By Denitia, Artlist.io
“Pray” By Duce Williamas, Artlist.io
“Passionate Choices” By Mansij, Artlist.io
“This Is The Life” By Yuval Maayan, Artlist.io
“Catch me” By Russo, Artlist.io

Episode 4 Transcript


Image of Narda E. Alcorn

Narda E. Alcorn

Stage Manager

Image of Carla Bianco-Biagini

Carla Bianco-Biagini

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Image of Kaleda Davis

Kaleda Davis

Call Center Manager

Image of Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight

Assistant Company Manager

Image of Alverneq Lindsay

Alverneq Lindsay

Line Producer

Image of Brit Sellers

Brit Sellers

COVID Testing Coordinator

Image of Emilio Sosa

Emilio Sosa

Costume Designer

Image of Shayla L. Titley

Shayla L. Titley

Director, Patron Programs and Services

Image of Lico Whitfield

Lico Whitfield

Production Manager

Image of Praycious Wilson-Gay

Praycious Wilson-Gay

Interim Director, Mobile Unit