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Friday, March 27.

Dear Friends,

Theater isn't very good with social distancing. Our specialty, in fact, is the opposite: social inclusion. In more normal times, the heart of our job is bringing a group of strangers together, rubbing elbows and breathing the same air, and telling them stories that make them feel less alone, less an isolated individual, and more part of a larger community. That's our mission.

These are not normal times. The physical and civic stability and safety of our bodies and our society depends on our collective discipline. We must isolate and mitigate the spread of this virus. We cannot ethically or legally gather in one place, as the theater seems to require.

So the artists and theater workers of The Public have found new and creative ways to bridge the gap between now and whenever we can gather together again. Learn more about them here.

These digital initiatives are intended to keep the flame of the theater alive while we wait out this moment, which we surely shall. We will continue to try and bind our artists together and bring the results to you, to watch and even to participate.

The theater has survived crises before. We will survive this. We will come back together, and the theater will be here, to tell stories of loss and grief, and stories of joy and celebration. We will be here because the theater is necessary. We will be here because we will need, and want, to be together again.

My immense gratitude to all the members of The Public's Family: our dedicated Board, our fearless and peerless staff, our broad community of artists, our donors, and our audience. I am so proud to be one of you. We are One Public.