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Stop AAPI Hate

Stop AAPI Hate.

The deadly shootings that took place in Atlanta were a hate crime. They were not the product of “a bad day,” but a manifestation of generations of anti-Asian hatred, racism, and violence that have only escalated since the pandemic began, and that Asian Americans have suffered for far too long. 

Enough is enough.

We stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, and condemn these acts in the strongest sense. This senseless violence is deeply rooted in anti-Asian racism and white supremacy. It is on all of us to question and understand the roles we play in perpetuating these harmful beliefs and actions and the roles we must play in breaking them down – to end the hate that continues to cause Asian Americans to live in constant fear and grief.

We know that being anti-racist includes acknowledging the AAPI experience, and we will continue to reach out to, listen to, and support our Asian American and Pacific Islander artists, staff, community members, and audience members who are hurting. 

For actions we can all take to stand against anti-Asian hatred and violence, please visit the following resources, which include AAPI organizations you can donate to, educational resources to help spread awareness, and mental health resources for the AAPI community.

To Report Hate Crimes Against the AAPI Community:

Asian American Federation: https://aafcovid19resourcecenter.org/aaf-anti-asian-bias-reporting-form/

NYC Commission on Human Rights: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/cchr/about/report-discrimination.page

For Safety Resources and Bystander Intervention Information: 

Hollaback: https://www.ihollaback.org/

Safe Walks NYC: http://safewalx.com/en/welcome/

Asian American Federation: https://aafcovid19resourcecenter.org/safety-resources/

Stop AAPI Hate: https://stopaapihate.org/resources/

To support the families of the victims via the Asian American Resource Center:


Mental Health Resources:

Asian Mental Health Collective: https://www.asianmhc.org/

SAMHSA Hotline  1-800-662-HELP (4357)

NYCWell: https://nycwell.cityofnewyork.us/en/

Additional Organizations that support the AAPI community:

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund: https://www.aaldef.org/

OCA National: https://www.ocanational.org/