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Ramzi Aburedwan & Dal'Ouna Ensemble w/ special guest Marian Layouse

Ramzi Aburedwan & Dal'Ouna Ensemble w/ special guest Marian Layouse

Joe's Pub
September 25, 2019

Ramzi Aburedwan and Dal’Ouna Ensemble is named after a festive Palestinian music genre. Created in 2000 by Ramzi Aburedwan, the ensemble express through its music the hopes of a people who love to laugh and sing and who seek peace and freedom. The ensemble’s repertoire extends from Egypt to Andalusia, passing through various regions and traditions of the Middle East, and adding medieval and jazz accents to a musical confluence of East and West.  On their musical journey, Ramzi Aburedwan and Dal’Ouna bring us into their world, their music, their poetry and traditions. They combine traditional Arab instruments including the bouzuk, the oud, and oriental percussion with viola and accordion. The repertoire ranges from instrumental to traditional poetic genres that focus on love, freedom, and nature. Dal’Ouna is a story of shared experiences, a refuge where borders don’t apply, and a message of hope for its members and audiences. 

Dal’Ouna’s repertoire features instrumentals and poetic genres based in folklore spanning from Egypt to Andalusia via the Middle East, as well as original compositions—all enhanced by jazzy, layered improvisations, hints of other world traditions, and a profound sense of bluesy lyricism. With an Eastern background and Western music touch, you get a sound that is evocative of gypsy music

Nidal Ibourk is a virtuous singer and an exceptional scholar based in the U.S. Born in Rabat, Morocco, she moved to the U.S. in 2006. Her fine music talent and interpretation of Arab traditional music repertoire led to her collaboration with internationally renowned musician Simon Shaheen. Since 2008, Nidal performed in distinguished venues in Morocco and abroad. What distinguishes Nidal as an artist is her commitment to preserve her cultural heritage and present a genius repertoire of classical Arabic and Moroccan music. Her sophisticated presence on stage is not only reflected through her fine selection of songs, but also through her traditional outfits that shows her pride in her roots. 

Joe's Pub
September 25, 2019





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