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DANCE NOW: 2020 Dance-mopolitan Encore Series

DANCE NOW: 2020 Dance-mopolitan Encore Series

January 12, 2020

DANCE NOW presents its 2020 Dance-mopolitan Encore Series, featuring ten top-tier artists featured in the 2019 DANCE NOW Festival Encore, selected by the DANCE NOW producers for having most successfully met the 2019 DANCE NOW Festival Challenge: to create a clear and complete artistic statement in five minutes or less for the specifics of the stage at Joe’s Pub. Included in this performance will be the 2019 Festival Challenge winner, Nicole Vaughan-Diaz. As the Challenge winner, Vaughan-Diaz will receive a $1,500 stipend, a weeklong creative residency at DANCE NOW Silo on Kirkland Farm in Bucks County, PA, as well as a residency at Arts On Site in Kerhonkson, NY. The Dance-mopolitan Encore performance will be hosted by Deborah Lohse (aka TruDee).

The 2020 Dance-mopolitan Encore

Tsiambwom M. Akuchu
Kɜmwetɜ (Revelations)
Choreographed and performed by Tsiambwom M. Akuchu

Sarah Chien
Choreographed and performed by Sarah Chien
Directed by and developed with Lauren Hlubny
Music by Della Reese

Mark Gindick 
Choreographed by Mark Gindick in collaboration with David Neumann and Michael Bonger
Performed by Mark Gindick
Music by Frank Sinatra and Patrick Swayze

Orlando Hernández
Choreographed and performed by Orlando Hernández
Music by Totó la Momposina 

Cleo Mack / Rock Dance Collective
Choreographed by Cleo Mack
Performed by Kelli McGovern, Blair Ritchie, Mandy Stallings
Music by Peggy Lee

Claire Porter / PORTABLES
Sentenced to Sentences (excerpt)
Choreographed and performed by Claire Porter
Text by Claire Porter
Music by Camile Saint-Saëns

Gus Solomons jr
Choreographed by Gus Solomons jr
Performed by Gus Solomons jr with Li’l Gus
Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Nicole Vaughan-Diaz
a portrait of them
Choreographed by Nicole Vaughan-Diaz
Performed by Ryan Rouland-Smith and Nicole Vaughan-Diaz
Music by Sarah Davachi

Megan Williams Dance Projects
Sure, Am
Choreographed and performed by Megan Williams
Music by Helen Reddy

Nicole Wolcott
Emergent Past
Choreographed and performed by Nicole Wolcott
Sound composition by Omar Zubair

January 12, 2020


This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.
This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.

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