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Priya Darshini feat. Max ZT, Chuck Palmer, & Jake Charkey - Joe's Pub Live!

Priya Darshini feat. Max ZT, Chuck Palmer, & Jake Charkey - Joe's Pub Live!

Priya Darshini feat. Max ZT, Chuck Palmer, & Jake Charkey
July 17, 2020

While Joe's Pub is temporarily closed to public access, join us for Joe's Pub Live! – a free series of live-streamed performances from the performers' homes. Facilitating social connectivity during this time of physical distancing, Joe's Pub remains dedicated to supporting performing artists at every stage of their careers through sharing concerts with our audiences each week.

Priya DarshiniMax ZTChuck Palmer, and Jake Charkey offer a live-streamed performance from home in place of their album release concert that was planned to take place at Joe's Pub. Priya Darshini's Periphery is elegant, tranquil, intricately layered, timeless and virtuosic. Blending elements of traditional Indian music and improvisation with American folk and pop music, the result is an alluring treat for the senses and a World music album for the ages.

Periphery explores the various connotations of what ‘home’ means to Priya Darshini, as she introspects on her cultural identity as a South Indian growing up in Mumbai and transplanted to New York City. In the backdrop of the current anti-immigrant rhetoric, this album is a shining example of the beauty of cross-cultural collaboration. The diverse influences on the album reflect her journey and the varied musical influences that Darshini has absorbed along the way, that have now become a part of her very distinct musical identity.

Taking her roots from Indian Classical music, Priya’s knowledge of music from all over the world has resulted in a fresh, imaginative and fascinating new sound. She displays an exciting combination of range, technique, unconventional compositions, a feminist perspective, and a prodigious voice that truly sets her apart from other vocalists. Priya has collaborated with a wide range of artists from Pearl Jam; GRAMMY® Award winners Roy “Futureman” Wooten; Jeff Coffin, Philip Lassiter, Silk Road Ensemble’s Shane Shanahan; virtuoso ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro, Karsh Kale, and many more.

Based out of Brooklyn, Priya Darshini has sung for over one-hundred television and radio commercials, as well as recorded for several award-winning and chart-topping Indian movie sound tracks. She is also an actor (The Letters), ultra marathoner (first and youngest Indian woman to run a 100 mile race in the Himalayas), entrepreneur (The Wind Chasers - organizing extreme ultra marathons in the Himalayas and the south of India), and is deeply involved in human rights and social justice. She is a trustee of the Mumbai-based non-profit organisation Jana Rakshita - an NGO working with underserved pediatric cancer patients, and building infrastructure for schools, with a focus on education for girls. Priya Darshini is also an environmentalist and is working with a New York based sustainable couture fashion startup that aims at slowing down fast fashion inspired by cradle-to-cradle design. Priya Darshini has been featured in several distinguished newspapers and magazines including Vogue India.

“In the backdrop of the current anti-immigration rhetoric, artist Priya Darshini’s album, Periphery, stands out as a beacon of hope for cultural unanimity." -Elle India

To listen to or purchase Periphery, please visit http://hyperurl.co/62jiyl

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