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SAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment) Vol. 2 - Joe's Pub Live!

SAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment) Vol. 2 - Joe's Pub Live!

September 9, 2020

While Joe's Pub is temporarily closed to public access, join us for Joe's Pub Live! – a free series of live-streamed and archived performances - from artists' HQ and our iconic stage in New York City. Facilitating social connectivity during this time of physical distancing, Joe's Pub remains dedicated to supporting performing artists at every stage of their careers through sharing concerts with our audiences each week.

Click on the YouTube logo on the embedded player to chat with Joe's Pub, your fellow audience members, and often the artists themselves, via our YouTube channel during the premiere!

Curated by vocalist and composer Arooj AftabSAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment) is an annual new music festival, a platform for collaborative and experimental new works in the electronic, modular, synthwave, and dream-scape genres. 

Meandering through musicians of South Asian heritage and non, SAUVE creates a night of music that emits a subtle, graceful nod at the ancestral musical qualities of South Asia, while completely submerged in the elusive sounds of modern day modular synthesis. Set to a backdrop of what can just simply be known as the new-music, neo-classical New York music scene, SAUVE nights are celebrations of all our music journeys, past and here to come.


0:00 Talal Qureshi

0:09 Qasim Naqvi

0:17 Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, "Strangers on a Train"

0:20 Kenji Herbert, "Floating/Like New"

0:27 Arooj Aftab Feat. Jace Clayton

0:40 Darian Thomas

0:50 Natasha Noorani, "Flutterby(e)"

0:56 Shahzad Ismaily

1:07 Jace Clayton Feat. Arooj Aftab reciting words by Jamaica Kincaid


1:23 Charlotte Greve, "Smooth Power"

1:38 Arushi Jain / Modular Princess

1:52 iT Boy, "Untitled Keyboard Improvisation"

2:10 Tarun Balani, "Seasonal Affected Beats"

2:16 Yusuke Yamamoto, "567 notes"

2:36 Slowspin, "wind water sun moon"

2:46 Leah Lazonick

2:55 Rajna Swaminathan, LaMont Hamilton and Ganavya Doraiaswamy


Closures and cancellations because of COVID-19 have majorly disrupted access to revenue for artists all over the world. If you are enjoying this performance and are able to support, please consider donating directly to the artists via Venmo at @arooj-aftab.

Like all Joe's Pub shows, all ages are welcome, but please be aware that performances may include adult language and topics. 



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