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A Cure for Kung Flu: Killer Asian Artists Take the Stage - Joe's Pub Live!

A Cure for Kung Flu: Killer Asian Artists Take the Stage - Joe's Pub Live!

Joe's Pub YouTube Channel and the Public Theater Website
May 22, 2021

While Joe's Pub is temporarily closed to public access, join us for Joe's Pub Live! – a free series of streamed performances from artists' HQ and our iconic stage in New York City. Facilitating social connectivity during this time of physical distancing, Joe's Pub remains dedicated to supporting performing artists at every stage of their careers through sharing concerts with our audiences each week.

Chat with Joe's Pub, your fellow audience members, and the artists themselves via our YouTube channel during the premiere!

May is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and there is no better time to create an online hotspot of New York City's most iconoclastic, irreverent, political, and deeply funky artists. This cultural explorAsian is like no other "Asian" show you will ever see--pure New York, pure genre-busting eye-popping art stars. Joe's Pub is giving you a shot of music, comedy, poetry, and rebellious performance art to help #stopAsianhate and lift up the community during these wicked times. Hosted/curated by outrageous comedienne and killer MC Kate Siahaan-Rigg and featuring killer AAPI artists including legendary downtown gender fuck chanteuse Raven OSlanty Eyed Mama, two spirited interdisciplinary artist and style maven Yozmit, ballroom diva, vogue artist, and member of the International House of Milan Dynasty Milan, and bad boy Chinatown gangsta rap triad Notorious MSG.

This program lasts about a half hour and is recommended to boost your immunity against racial bias, inaction, xenophobia and orientalism.

Hawaii-born and raised Raven O has a career spanning over 40 years, films include Flawless, Slaves of New York, “Vacation in Hell,” “Ab Fab,” as well as commercials and music video work. To say Raven O is a New York icon is an understatement, as one of the stars of the famous venue BarD’O. Raven O has also been part of many of the most influential clubs and trends in NY night life and culture as an entertainer, director, choreographer, and in music.

“The big draw for those in the know – who shell out $900 just to secure a table is Raven O the bawdy ringleader of this splendid circus.” – Playboy Magazine

“The night’s frenetic energy is owed to Raven O, a nightlife veteran with platinum blond hair who performs in skintight leather pants and little else.” – The New York Times

Australian Indonesian American Kate Siahaan-Rigg is an actor, stand up , and rapper based in New York City. Her solo works "Birth of a nASIAN" and "Americasiana" were both invited to the Smithsonian Institute and she has performed her irreverent, political and occasionally foul-mouthed comedy at the Montreal Comedy Festival, The Perth International Festival, and on PBS, Showtime, LOGO, Comedy Central and NBC. As lead singer of Slanty Eyed Mama, Kate has brought a new vision of American Asians to festivals like The Perth International Festival, The Vancouver International Festival, LA Grand Performances, Heritage of Pride NYC, The Asian Heritage Festival San Francisco, and many many more. She performs at clubs and colleges around the world and is a graduate of the Juilliard School. www.katerigg.com

“Funny and Ferociously Energetic. At full throttle Kate Rigg is an urban machine.” – San Francisco Chronicle

"In Your Face Slanted" – TIME Magazine

Slanty Eyed Mama is an electric violin powered hip hop, spoken word rock comedy duo. Touring the world with their fresh "Nuyorasian" sound, they have headlined at major international festivals, played countless AAPI Heritage month celebrations, released an award winning concert film, and twice been invited to show their work centered on Asian American themes at the Smithsonian Institute.

"Managing to slam stereotypes and point out the prejudices and culture clashes confronting Asian-Americans every day, Slanty Eyed Mama effortlessly walked the line between theater and stand up comedy" – Boston Globe

"Stunning … dense, multi-layered, surreal imagery interlocks perfectly with ferociously distorted, nasty, searing violin work, a killer combination of words, music and noise."  - Anchorage Daily News


Blasting out of the streets of Chinatown, The Notorious MSG have arrived with a vengeance. Serving up deep-fried beats straight from the Chinese ghetto, they will not stop until they achieve complete musical destruction.

This is the story of three renegade restaurant workers from the reputed streets of Chinatown, New York City. Pursuing their dreams of rap superstardom, Hong Kong Fever, Down-Lo Mein and The Hunan Bomb fled the harsh ghettos of Asia only to face more hardships as second-class citizens in America. They struggled to earn a living, toiling in the kitchens and risking their lives as Chinese restaurant delivery boys. Facing robberies and beatings on a daily basis, their fight for survival came to a head when an unknown assailant killed one of their original band members, Funky Buddha. This was the last straw; it was time to fight back.

Rising up with a fury, the trio were reborn and The Notorious MSG exploded onto the NYC music scene with a new calling. Once only fighting to defend themselves, they renewed their fight, this time for all their brothers and sisters in the Chinatown ghettos who would never get the chance to realize their dreams. 

Yozmit The DogStar is a Transgender singer-songwriter, performance artist, and designer who uses self-awareness and art practice as tools for liberation from inequality, bigotry, and marginalization around gender-identity to inspire the queer community to seek liberation together in the form of awareness-based performance art project called *DoYou.* Beginning with a career as a fashion designer, Yozmit transformed into a performance artist after a heart-breaking experience trying to be a Korean pop star related to gender. Using voice, dance, and costumery as theatrical/shamanic trinity to tell stories about "Yozmit The DogStar”-- the goddess archetype who is their higher channel within a male form embodying The Sacred Feminine and The Sacred Masculine. The message is *DoYou.* 

Yozmit's work has been seen at One City, Hollywood Fringe Festival, LA ART SHOW in Los Angeles, and at Queens Museum, Movement Research at The Judson Church, Art Basel, Joyce Soho, and Dixon Place in NYC, and internationally at Life Ball, Vienna, Austria, ChunCheon International Mime Festival, ChunCheon, S.Korea, Doma International Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. Yozmit performed in Marina Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" at MoMA. They have received multiple "Transgender Initiative” and “One City One Pride LGBTQ Art Festival’ grants from the city of West Hollywood and "Cultural Trailblazer" awards from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles. Recent performances include Google Quantum A.I. Seminar, Cartoon TV Network, Coachella Music Festival, Burning Man, Sleep No More and as a regular headliner at the Box in New York and London.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, of British Hong Kong descent, Matthew Chiu, also known as, Dynasty Milan, is a multifaceted performer and a pioneer in the Ballroom scene.

A graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School and the Ailey School, a program in conjunction with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City, Dynasty has had the great privilege to work and train with the Legendary House of Ninja, New York City chapter, and is currently a member of the International Royal House of Milan. Dynasty is known for competing and performing in a diverse range of categories including, European Runway, Hand Performance, Old Way, New Way, Realness with a Twist, Best Dressed, and Butch Queen Vogue Femme. 

“No matter the amount of hate you may encounter, no matter the hardships you face, know that love and light will always prevail. Never forget, LOVE is the message.” - Dynasty Milan 

The artists recommend donating to Heart of Dinner, a wonderful organization that is fighting food insecurity and isolation experienced by Asian American elders--two longstanding community issues heightened by the pandemic.

Like all Joe's Pub shows, all ages are welcome, but please be aware that performances may include adult language and topics. 


Joe's Pub YouTube Channel and the Public Theater Website
May 22, 2021


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This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.

SAT 05/22 8:00 PM


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