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Sandra Bernhard: Bern it Down

Sandra Bernhard: Bern it Down

December 26 - December 31, 2021

Like a world war that finally ends in victory, we have come out the other side. A collective trial of patience, self-discipline & endless sheet pan dinners. Social distancing, eye frying Zoom meetings, shocks of gray hair, hours of TV, sleepless nights, long afternoon naps, avoiding heavy-breathing joggers, hand scrubbings, double masked glares at those too cavalier to bother wearing them, moving in with parents, abandoning the city, family freak-outs. Yes, slowly we are making our way out of the bunker, but do we really want it to be like it was? Sandy thinks not. She says “Bern It Down.”

Take it one step at a time. Maybe we just needed an overhaul. And if you’re still finding it a little hard to get off of the sofa, we understand. Well, where better to break in your social skills than at Joe's Pub with Lady Bernhard's annual holiday show? A little bit of glamour, a touch of indulgence, a breezy melody and a couple of strong drinks. Sandy’s back & so are you.

The acclaimed comedy trio Unitard is made up of the combined talents of Mike Albo (author of The Underminer), Nora Burns (of the comedy group The Nellie Olesons), and David Ilku (member of the Dueling Bankheads).

Unitard is a wildly twisted, outspoken, fabulous, tested, ready now, comedy group from NYC. For almost 20 years, they have performed their own brand of comic sketches and monologues skewering social, political and sexual mores. The show alternates between solo monologues and group pieces that are smart, specific and fun with a distinctly queer sensibility.

December 26 - December 31, 2021


This production has been cancelled.
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Image of Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

Photo Credit: Brian Ziegler

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