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Four Seasons of Julian Fleisher - Winter

Four Seasons of Julian Fleisher - Winter

As Julian Fleisher’s year-long residence comes to a close, he returns to one of his many home-bases, Christmas. That’s right. Christmas. For reasons that cannot adequately be explained, 20 years in the trenches of New York’s cultural life have yielded at least this much: that Julian is the producer of two of the most treasured seasonal favorites: Kiki & Herb’s “Do You Hear What We Hear?” and Ana Gasteyer’s “Sugar & Booze.” What’s more, his own holiday standard “Nothing Rhymes with Christmas” is now in movies, on television, and soon to be a standard among high-school show choirs. That also gets a “That’s right.” And a "How did this happen?" Is it an accident? A twist of fate? A twisted ankle? We’ll tell you: we don’t know. Let’s just be thankful that at this joyful time of year, Fleisher and an ever-growing roster of fabulous friends will be celebrating the season as the final season of "Four Seasons with Julian Fleisher" … and you should too. See you soon! (PS: “Isthmus" doesn’t count.)

Photo credit: JD Urban