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HawtPlates Artist Statement

Artist Statement.

More a performance trio than a band, The HawtPlates make conceptual live vocal works through breaking down and abstracting musical forms that include blues, rock, hip hop, r&b, folk, mantra, gospel, and various vocal traditions from around the world. In hearing them work, you get the sense that the music they make is specific to them as a family and that it can only be made by them.  It is truly a record of their lineage. Pulling from a pantry of sights, sounds, histories, people, and places, they produce audible tonics and “one-pots” hearkening the spirit of the family heirloom recipe.  Their work meditates on how we experience the world on uniquely individual terms yet yearn to connect with others and learn by example.  At the core of their collaboration is the idea that we can talk through, sing through, and work through our issues and strengthen our familial bonds with music as both mediator and framework for healing.

The HawtPlates continue to hone their distinctive style of songwriting and game-like relationship to genre with a series of songs and music videos created over the spring and summer of 2020.  Their first offering, "Make Me Down…" describes a season of loss, distance, and unpredictability using songs that inspire reflection, laughter, courage, survival, and accountability.   While addressing grief and the high stakes of our political climate, this visual EP uses humor and the idea of sharing in order to create a work that is understood as universal and for everyone, but that is born of personal desires and yearnings. The trio sends this collection of songs out as a letter of gratitude to those who have made it through a sleepless summer, screaming their voices raw at the front lines of change.  "Make Me Down..." is for the ones who keep trying to figure out our humanity, inspiring us to act accordingly.  These are songs about bravery in action.  These are songs about daring to rest.  They are songs for atonement. Songs about discovery and remembering, introspection, recognition, and renewal.  Songs for making it through alive.