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Let's Keep Dancing: A Death Row Story


World Premiere Audio Play 

LET’S KEEP DANCING: A Death Row Story 
By John Purugganan 
Directed by Oskar Eustis 

Incarcerated since 1989, John Purugganan is committed to reaching past the prison walls, becoming a tutor, mentor, and prolific writer. His audio play LET’S KEEP DANCING: A Death Row Story was a prizewinner in the first annual Arts in Corrections Playwriting Contest. Michael Green is 21 years old and has just arrived in the cell he’ll inhabit for the rest of his life. His neighbor, Hap Embleton, is 67 and has been imprisoned for most of his life. Over Green’s first day and night on death row, he and Hap discuss their fears, their past, and the 50,000 people currently serving life without the possibility of parole—many for non-violent crimes. The Public’s Artistic Director Oskar Eustis directs this compelling, world premiere audio play about two souls fighting to survive the row.