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S2 E7

Episode 7

Season 2 Episode 7

"Fat Ham: Food for My Soul"

In this seventh Episode of Public Square 2.0, the re-launch of The Public Theater’s podcast, Public Square, we take a look at James Ijames' Pulitzer Prize-winning play, FAT HAM. After its wildly successful onstage premiere at The Public Theater in 2022, Fat Ham transferred to Broadway with its entire cast from The Public, where it is currently running and has been nominated for several Tony Awards. Host Garlia Cornelia Jones speaks with Saheem Ali (Director), Marcel Spears (Juicy), Nikki Crawford (Tedra), and Benja K. Thomas (Rabby) to talk about the Hamlet-inspired production.

Executive Producer: Garlia Cornelia Jones, Director - Innovation and New Media

Creative Producer: John Sloan III, Ghostlight Productions
Audio Producer: Justin K. Sloan, Ghostlight Productions
Assistant Producer: Emily White - New Media Associate

Graphics by Tam Shell, Art Director - Brand Studio

Music Credits:

"Baby I'm Stuck In a Cone " by Ge Filter Fish, Artlist.io
"Latte" by Sunny Fruit, Artlist.io
"Belong to You" by Denitia,  Artlist.io
"This Is the Life" by Yuval Maayan, Artlist.io
"Beatrix" by Notize, Artlist.io

 Transcript by 3Play

Episode 7 Transcript

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Saheem Ali


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Marcel Spears


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Nikki Crawford


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Benja K. Thomas