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Isle of Klezbos

Isle of Klezbos

Isle of Klezbos sextet approaches Yiddish musical traditions with loving irreverence and profound respect. Their latest album Yiddish Silver Screen (Zilberne Kino) celebrates the band's 25th 'silver' anniversary as well as reawakened repertoire inspired by forgotten vintage film soundtracks. Performing neo-folkloric tunes, re-grooved standards, and genre-transcending originals, the ensemble's gorgeous arrangements range from rambunctious to swinging to ethereal. Isle of Klezbos has been seen and heard on HBO, NPR, CBS Sunday Morning, PBS and “The L Word,” as well as enjoying collaborations with artists such as Jill Sobule, Gregg Bordowitz and the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling Scissor Sisters. The ensemble's own Off-Off Broadway hit J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother's FBI Files was praised by The New York Times for lively score & smart writing. Lauded by New York Magazine for "cutting edge klezmer," and the L.A. Blade as "rapturous and rollicking," the bandmates' group chemistry is also catalyzed by stratospheric solos. The sextet's earlier releases include acclaimed concert recording Live From Brooklyn, and their award-winning debut: Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos.

Debra Kreisberg - clarinet & alto sax
Pam Fleming - trumpet
Melissa Fogarty - vocals
Shoko Nagai - accordion & piano
Saskia Lane - upright bass
Eve Sicular - drums / bandleader

Isle of Klezbos Website
Isle of Klezbos Bandcamp

Photo credit: Albie Mitchell