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Penny Arcade: The Art of Becoming

Penny Arcade: The Art of Becoming

July 23, 2024

Penny Arcade: The Art of BecomingEpisode 3: Superstar Interrupted (1967-1973)From downtown New York’s most articulate artistic survivor, comes Penny Arcade’s revealing and often hilarious musical memoir, The Art of Becoming.

Episode 3: Superstar Interrupted, is a journey through the glamour and disillusionment of a revolutionary era. From the 1967 Summer of Love in Provincetown, through New York City’s Underground, to the Balearic Islands with poet Robert Graves, Penny’s story travels from a teen runaway on the streets of New York into the heart of the 1960’s artistic zeitgeist.56 years into Penny Arcade's unique performance career, Penny proves she lived to tell the tale as she reinvents the memoir and embarks on a multi-episodic musical memoir of her life. Episode 3 accomplishes what many have tried and failed to do: to give you the audience the rare experience to witness the late 1960's New York art scene of Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers, John Vaccaro, Max's Kansas City, Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling; along with Hollywood's rogue power couple, Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim; plus the stars of the future, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe and Iggy Pop in all their nascent glory. They all weave in and out of Penny’s tale, an outsider’s journey through the fame game to the completion of character and the art of becoming.“When I was young I refused to pay the price of approval and approval has no value when you are old”The Art of Becoming is a multimedia evening of experimental storytelling with original songs written and sung by Penny, a psychedelic sound score mixed live by Steve Zehentner, and a steady stream of documentary images and videos (rare footage of Andy Warhol’s New York), plus all the humor, satire and quotable one-liners that we have come to expect from Penny Arcade.“Life has kicked the shit out of me not once but 20 times. As we speak, I am virtually shit free!”

The Art of Becoming is an episodic musical memoir created by Penny Arcade and Steve ZehentnerOriginal Songs by Penny ArcadeMusic by Penny Arcade, Chris Rael, Steve Zehentner, and Zecca Esquibel

Produced in association with ArKtype

★★★★ "Naturally animated and unapologetic, Arcade draws on a gold mine of personal memories for her material. Her words have an intoxicating cadence." - InDaily Adelaide

"Penny Arcade combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland. If hers was a cult , I would join."
-The List, UK

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Photo Credit: Laura Rubin

July 23, 2024


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