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Curated by: Garlia Cornelia Jones

Visual Art

Visual Artists were asked to respond to the following call with work from their repertoire or by the creation of new work:

For centuries, the murders of Black Americans have been overlooked, covered up and disregarded.

We invite you to remember.

We invite you to honor.

We invite you to Say Their Names.


"From Ferguson to Baltimore" - Acrylic Paint on Vinyl 2015- Dáreece Walker

“Way Too Many”  - Exterior house paint and spray paint - June 2020 - Sydney G. James

“Pieta” 72" x 48" Oil on canvas 2018  - Tylonn J. Sawyer

“I AM !!! AIN’T I” - Video 2020 - Jarrett Key

"Carry Me Home" - Ink on paper 2020 - Jill Knox

"The Vigil" - Digital Illustration 2020 - Brianna Pippens


Creative Team

Copy Editors: Amber Gray, Sana Jafrani, Raven Robledo


Designer: Lucy MacKinnon

Associate Projection Designer: Brian McMullen

Engineer and Programmer: Ido Levran

Assistant Video Engineer: Jeremy Allen

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to the ACLU for germinating the seed for what became Say Their Names. 

Special Thanks to Blue Man Group

Special Thanks to Simon Bogigian