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As a result of DCLA’s EDI plan requirement, in 2018 The Public established the following goals with the overarching goal of becoming an institution that reflects the demographics of NYC in all areas: staff, board, artists and audiences.

1.In 2020, publish FY19 EDI stats in the annual report for the directors and playwrights of downtown season and Shakespeare in the Park performances to demonstrate The Public’s commitment to consistently presenting work that reflects The Public’s goal of creating work that is of, by, and for the people of NYC.

2. By 2021, review and improve the following HR processes to ensure EDI values and goals are prioritized and supported:
        a. standardize the following HR processes for full time employees:onboarding,  recruitment, promotions and succession planning, merit based raises;
        b. create recruitment database from which we can analyze demographics;
        c. establish the following HR policies to create a more inclusive workplace: work from home policy, caretaking policy, and mentoring / sponsorship opportunities 

3. By 2023, create 50 / 50 full time staff and ensure diversity is present at all levels of the institution (from leadership to entry level):
      a. No more than 50% white
      b. Maintain no more than 50% cisgender male

4. By 2023, create a board that better represents the demographics of New York City.
      a. At least 35% people of color
      b. Maintain no more than 50% cisgender male

5. By 2023, establish and begin to implement a plan for creating an inclusive organization for audiences, artists and staff with disabilities (inclusive of all types of disability not limited to physical disability).

6. By 2023, establish and begin to implement a holistic organizational language plan inclusive of languages other than English.

7. By 2023, establish clear goals and ethical parameters for all learning activity (i.e. internships and fellowships) as well as community centered activity (i.e. community-facing programs, partnerships and more) that are aligned with the larger Public Theater mission and are reciprocal in nature.