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Bob DiPiero Songwriters Series featuring Bobby Pinson and RaeLynn

Bob DiPiero Songwriters Series featuring Bobby Pinson and RaeLynn

February 21 - February 22, 2020

Since his first #1 in 1983, Hall of Fame Songwriter Bob DiPiero has been responsible for an uninterrupted string of country music hits. One of Nashville’s most prolific and consistent songwriters, Bob possesses a humble drive to keep learning and stay relevant. He has had over 1,000 songs recorded by other artists, countless hit singles, and an astounding 15 #1 hits. His songs have been featured in TV shows, commercials, and movies. Among his countless awards are 50 BMI Million--Air honors, multiple Songwriter of the Year awards, and 2 consecutive Triple Play awards for 3 #1 songs within a 12--month period. In 2007, Bob was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Nashville’s Walk of Fame. In 2014, the Country Music Hall of Fame honored Bob with their prestigious “Poets and Prophets Series: Salute to Legendary Songwriter Bob DiPiero” and the Country Music Association also presented Bob with the CMA Chairman’s Award. On November 7, 2017 Bob DiPiero received yet another incredible honor when BMI presented him with their prestigious Icon Award celebrating his outstanding career achievement and honoring his unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers. This remarkable accolade leaves no question that Bob DiPiero’s career has truly been iconic.

Born of triumph and tragedy, Bobby Pinson's songs embody the power and integrity to take them across the width of today's musical landscape. Political statements, personal mantras, real-life situations, and the examination of the human condition all find a place in Bobby's diverse material. When Bobby Pinson sings and writes of who he is, where he's been, and at what cost, his voice rings with gritty truth. "I've been wrong enough to know what right is," he says of his life that's so vividly depicted in the music that he affectionately calls "Gutter and Grace."

The Panhandle Texas Native has had ten #1 singles including “Some of it” with Eric Church, “Burning Man” from Dierks Bentley, “Rearview Town” for Jason Aldean, “Want To," “All I Wanna Do,” “Already Gone,” and “It Happens” with Sugarland, and “She Never Cried In Front Of Me,” "Made In America," and “Beers Ago” with Toby Keith. He has had over 200 of his songs recorded with 50 plus hit singles in the Billboard Top Forty earning him the BMI SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR Award in 2009.

In 2005 Pinson released his debut album on RCA Records which was regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed records of the year. An effort hailed by USA Today and Entertainment Weekly as Nashville’s cream of the crop, Pinson’s Man Like Me packed a punch that landed him a highly coveted slot in Blender magazine’s year end list as one of the top 50 albums in all genres as well as numerous year end Country Album Top Ten lists.

Bobby continues to entertain audiences all across the country with his photographic delivery and one of a kind sense of humor which have quickly become a brand of their own. His light hearted, good ole boy stage presence mixed with his unrivaled ability to command a crowd has not only served the Singer/Songwriter/Record Producer extremely well as a music man, his talent as a "Show Host/MC" has found its way to the Spot Light in recent years as well. Bobby has carved out his own little niche as a commentator/comedian, serving as the "Master Of Ceremonies at Countless Celebrity Galas, Charity Fundraisers, Music Festivals, and Corporate events throughout the United States and Canada.  When asked about his slow and steady climb to the top of his game, Pinson simple says, “It’s not about what you look like, or how well you sing or play.  It’s about how willing you are to be unvalidated ‘til the day you finally are.  There’s songs in the struggle. You just have to dare to look.  You just have to figure out what else you can do other than music, and...DON’T DO THAT!”

Ever since she came careening into Nashville in 2014, singer-songwriter RaeLynn has been someone who is the “talk of the town” for her refusal to color within the lines and play it safe. Within minutes of meeting the Texas native, it’s obvious you’re in the presence of a woman who is thoroughly comfortable being 100 percent herself. Talking a mile a minute, telling stories in her rich twang, RaeLynn manages to be frank, funny, and feisty, while also thoughtful and emotionally connected both in conversation and in her music.

And while she has enjoyed incredible success — a debut album, WildHorse, that bowed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart, two ACM New Female Vocalist nominations, a PLATINUM-certified single (“God Made Girls”), GOLD-certified single (“Love Triangle”), nearly 415 million total career streams, and the first Country face to represent the global beauty brand Too Faced — RaeLynn has felt like something has been missing from the way she has been seen by the public. Though she co-wrote 11 of the 12 songs on WildHorse, those songs were penned when she was 17 and 18. “My songwriting has changed, and my life has changed” she says. “I want to be able to show a more quirky, fun side of my personality. The things I say are kind of left-of-center. How can I put that into a song and make music that finds its own box within Country music? With these new songs, I feel like the person you meet in the room is being reflected in the music as well. I’m more confident in the woman I am now more than ever before, and I’m saying what I really want to say. I cannot wipe the smile from my face because I know the fans are going to love it.”

RaeLynn’s upcoming new EP, Keep Up, sounds like her freedom ride. The songs brim with personality and humor, starting with her latest release “Bra Off.” “Breaking up with you was like taking my bra off,” she sings, “feeling free and loose like this T-shirt I got on,” before hilariously comparing casting off an ex to shedding a “pink, lacy, suffocating” bra. RaeLynn knew while writing the song with Josh Kerr and Emily Weisband that it was special. “This is what girls want to hear,” she says. “As a girl, this is what I want to hear. I grew up in a small town of Baytown, Texas. And I've always said, ‘If it ain't Baytown, I don't want to cut it.’ It has to have that Baytown flavor. I grew up a church kid, but I like to cuss, too.” RaeLynn named the EP Keep Up because “this is a new chapter, and all you peeps better just keep up on this train,” she says with a laugh. The song itself is a love letter to the Country girls. “I can party just as much as any other dude, and I felt we needed a song to say that,” she says. “Yes, I rock Gucci sometimes, and yes, I drink pink drinks, and yes, I'm girly as hell, but that doesn’t mean I can't drive a truck. That doesn't mean I can't change a tire. That doesn't mean that I can't do whatever the guys can do. And that's the vibe that I wanted for this song.”

February 21 - February 22, 2020


This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.
This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.

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RaeLynn - Bra Off (Official Video)