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KISHUX (Lenape Center) Installation


"Machi. Machi Manahatta"

KISHUX, a homecoming of ancestral seeds to Lenapehoking, comes to The Public in conversation with Mary Kathryn Nagle's play Manahatta, the story of a young Native woman reconnecting with her ancestral homeland during the 2008 financial meltdown. Curated by the Lenape Center, KISHUX features photographs by award-winning documentarian Devin Pickering. These nine images feature the striking Lenape corn mask pole from dusk to dawn, standing in the Lenape gardens from August to December.

Day 1       East 6:30am

Day 2       East 7:30am

Day 6       East 11:30am

Day 8       East 1:30pm

Day 10      East 3:30pm

Day 11      East 4:30pm

Day 12      East 5:30pm

Day 10      West 5:30pm

Day 12      West 7:30am

Photographed by Devin Pickering, arranged and supported by the Hudson Valley Farm Hub. In support by The Lenape Center.


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