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Toshi Reagon's Post-Election Concert


Joe's Pub YouTube Channel or here on The Public Theater Website
Premiered on November 4 at 7:00PM EST. Available to stream until January 31 at 11:59PM EST. Run Time: 2 hours

Joe’s Pub Concert
Featuring Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon is a singer, musician, composer, producer and curator, who has been described by Vibe magazine as "one helluva rock'n'roller-coaster ride" and by PopMatters.com as "a treasure waiting to be found, Reagon is a one-woman celebration of all that is dynamic, progressive and uplifting in American music." At her quadrennial Post-Election Day show, Reagon will be joined by special guests to address the future of America.

Toshi Reagon & BIGLovely: Toshi Reagon - vocals & guitar; Carla Duren - vocals; Ganessa James - bass; Kim Jordan - keys; Alison Miller - drums; Josette E. Newsam - vocals; Alex Nolan - guitar. Special guests (in order of appearance) Carl Hancock Rux Morley & Chris Bruce Taina Asili & Gaetano Vaccaro Roya Marsh Michelle Dorrance. All songs written by Toshi Reagon / Black Elephant Music (BMI).

A Note From Toshi Reagon:

I do the Post-Election show to address the election and the continuation of systems that govern the United States of America. It is important to gather, sing, and hear from each other. The presidential election is an energetic ritual, where many things collide. So much hurt and joy...and you see the worst of our system on display and sometimes the bright light best of it. That bright light action usual comes from outside of the government. I want to address us as a community. As neighbors, co-workers, people living side-by-side, breathing the same air. I want us to see this as an ongoing journey and not just a 4-year race. I want us to check in on our hearts and vibrate our intentions through song. I want us to get close to our real needs - that have no party affiliation and cannot comprehend left or right or weapons of war. 

We are people. We live on planet earth. We need shelter. We need water. We need air to breathe. We need food to eat. We like to be of use in a society, we are creative, and like the company of other humans. We are willing to learn. We are willing to teach. 

When we are born we are so vulnerable and need to be held. This should be the foundation of how we occupy this planet. 

A gathering after an election says we are here, and we are carrying on with this life no matter what.

Free For All

TOSHI REAGON'S POST-ELECTION CONCERT premiered on Wednesday, November 4 at 7:00PM EST here or on Joe's Pub YouTube Channel.

TOSHI REAGON'S POST-ELECTION CONCERT will be available to stream until January 31 at 11:59PM EST.

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TOSHI REAGON’s POST-ELECTION CONCERT will be made available with Closed Captions, Spanish Subtitles, and an Audio Description. For additional information or if you have questions, need assistance, or an accommodation not mentioned above, please contact us at [email protected].

TOSHI REAGON’S CONCIERTO POST-ELECTORAL esta disponible con subtítulos en español ajustando la configuración de Subtítulos/CC Español.

Joe's Pub YouTube Channel or here on The Public Theater Website
Premiered on November 4 at 7:00PM EST. Available to stream until January 31 at 11:59PM EST. Run Time: 2 hours


Image of Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon

Is a one-woman celebration of all that’s dynamic, progressive and uplifting in American music. Since first taking to the stage at age 17, this versatile singer-songwriter-guitarist has moved audiences of all kinds with her big-hearted, hold-nothing-back approach to rock, blues, R&B, country, folk, spirituals and funk.


Image of Carla Duren - Vocals

Carla Duren - Vocals

Image of Ganessa James - Bass

Ganessa James - Bass

Image of Kim Jordan - Keys

Kim Jordan - Keys

Image of Alison Miller - Drums

Alison Miller - Drums

Image of Josette E. Newsam - Vocals

Josette E. Newsam - Vocals

Image of Alex Nolan - Guitar

Alex Nolan - Guitar